Here are the Best Lounge Chairs for 2020

Here are the Best Lounge Chairs for 2020

We know what you might say. 2020? Already? But buying a great chair, especially one of the mid-century modern classics that we’re about to discuss in this article takes not only time to invest and plan but also careful consideration. We thought you might want to get ahead and discover the best chairs for 2020 without getting in the way of your pumpkin latte, your Halloween preparations and your thanksgiving. 

2020 will definitely bring new arrivals in terms of home furniture, but there’s a reason why these chairs are timeless classics. We’ll stray from our usual content by not mentioning our favorite, the Eames Lounge Chair or even the Womb Chair, those are already best-selling wonders. We’re here to show you other alternatives you might want to try next year.

Hans Wegner Wing Chair


Well, not exactly. This reinterpretation of Hans Wegner’s iconic and elegant Wing chair features a high back and a low seat for an organic recline and lots of space to spread around. You can get it on its striking classic black or a much more playful and engaging white. This chair is pure Italian leather encased in molded fiberglass with a polished steel base. Perfect for offices as well.

Papa Bear Chair


Another hit by Hans Wegner, the Papa Bear Chair has been one of our favorites for some time now and it is easy to see why. On one hand, it is extremely nostalgic and homely. The tight upholstery and dark wood finish make it seem like an old, comfortable throne. However, the lightweight ottoman and modernist design make it tailored and elevated, so it fits well just about anywhere.

Reach Chair


The gorgeous Reach Chair is a must-have for contemporary office spaces, modern living rooms, and stylish bedrooms. It is probably the most elegant set of the five, sporting a very modern finish in black and white vinyl choices. 

The polished steel base comes with non-marking foot glides and the huge ottoman makes can be repurposed as a different seat altogether.

Spiers Lounge Chair & ottoman


Probably the most comfortable and thickly-padded chair of the whole group. The Spiers armchair and ottoman combo is the epitome of Scandinavian furniture and style, which favors coziness and warm colors. Leisure is the keyword here. The ottoman is just as huge and padded as the chair so, for this price, you’re basically getting an elegant second bed for your living room.

The Panton Chair


You might also know this lounge chair as the stacking chair or S Chair. Now, this chair is mostly known by the name of its Danish designer, Verner Panton. Did you know The Panton Chair was the first chair to be manufactured completely out of plastic in a single piece?

Since the introduction of this chair in 1967, four versions of this chair have been produced from four kinds of plastic. This lounge chair was originally made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin painted in a high-gloss lacquer. Today the Panton chair is made from colored polypropylene and sports a matte finish.

So, there you have it. 5 modern and amazing lounge chairs to renovate your house in this upcoming year. Take your time to consider each and let us know if we missed any particular chair on our list. Don’t forget to comment and stay tuned for more articles.

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