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Looking for the best ergonomics chairs in NYC? Try our Eames Lounge Replica

Sure, there is a wide range of furniture offers in our city, but if you are looking for the “best” ergonomics chairs in NYC, the Eames Lounge Chair replica, by Manhattan Office Design, is a must.

Comfortable, practical, gorgeous. The Eames Lounge Chair, has been one of the most powerful objects of design and d├ęcor since its creation in 1945, and its exhibited in the best furniture stores around the world.

Although, there is no room for snobbism here: what is now considered as one of the most desirable design objects (Time Magazine labeled it as the best design of the 20th century), is the sum a series of well developed principles in which ergonomics, simplicity and the practical purpose are the key factors.

Don’t worry about the camera and take care of your pleasure

Maybe, a well known anecdote told by Demetrios, the grandson of the famous couple formed by Charles and Ray Eames, illustrate the philosophical principles backing their work. The hole family were planning a trip to the South Pacific, and a young, teen Demetrios received from his grandad a very simple 35 mm camera.

While most of the grandparents tend to gratify their beloved ones with the most complete (and maybe expensive) gifts, the explanation of Charles will stay with Demetrios for the rest of its life: You don’t need the expensive camera to a trip to the South Pacific. Instead, use this camera and you will enjoy your trip without the fear of losing it. This camera is perfect for you .

According to Charles Eames, “The role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host that anticipating the needs of his guests”. By anticipating the real requirement of his grandson, Charles provides him with the best equipment for his experience.

Hardware: 0 / Soulware: 1

And what did Charles and Ray Eames anticipated when they finished the design of the Lounge Chair? Functionality over aesthetics, simple materials, and above all, the human comfort over any other criteria. In a Lounge Chair, we will find the most comfortable and pleasing state of relax our body can get after a hard day at work. In the end, that is what make it worthy.

Now that you know that a Lounge Chair anticipates very well the needs of your body and mind, don’t you think its time to take action and give you the opportunity to take it home?. Developed for classic firms like Vectra and Herman Miller, one standard chair will cost you several thousand dollars, but in Manhattan Office Design you can find the best high quality replicas, here in NYC.