4 Modern Icons from the Eames Lounge Chair Designers

4 Modern Icons from the Eames Lounge Chair Designers

We all love the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, but did you know Ray and Charles Eames created many other mid-century modern design pieces that are as great as the Eames Lounge Chair? 

Take a look at these modern icons that were also designed by Charles and Ray Eames.

Eames Shell Chair


I’m sure that you have stumbled upon at least a variation of the Eames Shell Chair somewhere. They’re simply everywhere around the globe, and available in a great variety of materials and color choices.

Along with their work with molded plywood, the Eameses worked with molded fiberglass for many years. Charles and Ray thought they could find a way to mold fiberglass for maximum ergonomic comfort, years before ergonomics became mainstream in furniture design. The designers accomplished precisely this in 1948 by creating the curved and comfortable seat of the Eames Shell Chair.

Eames Walnut Stool


Built with solid walnut and standing 15″ high, the next item in our list is the Eames Walnut Stool. A versatile stool that can double as a side table in a pinch. Available in three different sizes, it’s fascinating to discover the first experimental designs by Charles and Ray Eames that combined molded wood. The Eames Walnut Stool is a rare example of functional art that can serve several purposes and make traditional and familiar forms become something modern.

Eames Molded Plywood Chair


As we’ve mentioned already, Charles and Ray pioneered on molding wood technologies. You can see the result of their work on the Eames Molded Plywood Chair. This is a lounge chair that was ahead of its time, able to adapt to the contours of the body comfortably, and eliminating the need for upholstered cushions. These methods that Charles and Ray Eames used with molded plywood turned out really helpful when designing the stretchers and splints that were used during World War II.

Eames Hang-It-All


The Eames Hang-it-all is a candy-colored rack that is fun, creative, colorful, and adds a bit of shine to any entryway or wardrobe. This design inspires fun and playfulness, aspects that are both essential to mid-century modern design, despite what many people think. 

Designed in 1953 for a playhouse line, the Eames Hang-It-All is built with a welded steel wire frame with hooks that end in colorful painted maple balls that look like a funny combination of molded exclamation points.

Are there any other modern icons designed by Charles and Ray Eames that I missed? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll update the post with the best ideas (and a link crediting you!)

Stunning Environments for your Eames Lounge Replica

Stunning Environments for your Eames Lounge Replica

The Eames lounge replica is the embodiment of Americana and mid-century modern-day ingenuity. While deciding on your buy for the lounge chair and ottoman, your choice will be based upon how it’ll look like in your indoor area, along with other factors. 

Manhattan Home Desing’s Eames Lounge Chair Replica can enhance the appearance of any room. If you’re considering purchasing your own Eames Lounge Chair Replica, here is a visual treat to help you decide how to organize your home’s layout to fit the Eames Lounge Chair replica.

Here the Eames Lounge Chair replica stands within its roots, at Charles and Ray Eames’ residence. Once emptied for relocation to the Los Angeles County Museum of Artwork, the Eames residence is now a museum open to the public for viewing. 

Even though the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman are associated with city modernism, they show how well they blend with herbal elements. The large bookshelves aren’t simply crowned with books but are dedicated to art and accessories, packed with ornamental packing containers. Striking lantern-style lighting fixtures additionally provide this room with a unique aspect.

Eames Lounge Chair

It’s only one lounge chair, but in this bedroom, the Eames Lounge Chair replica is the obvious superstar. This room puts into evidence that the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman fit in all sorts of spaces. 

There’s a fair amount of whiteness in the room that delicately balance each other out, even as the Eames lounge chair straight away draws in attention.

Eames Lounge Chair

The Eames Lounge Chair replica does not need a specific room. It can sit flawlessly in the entryway of a home, or a place among rooms. However, this room is adorned with wall art and numerous statues. Regardless of this stunning artwork distributed in this room, the attention is on the Eames Lounge Chair. The tan leather complements the wood flooring and window frames.

What is the most comfortable chair in the world?

What is the most comfortable chair in the world?

There’s nothing like a Lounge Chair that can adjust and adapt to the body and offer comfort no matter the sitting position. Lounge Chairs like the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are specifically designed to comfortably adapt to a great array of user preferences, styles, and functions. The Eames Lounge Chair can simply be used comfortably in different postures from sitting and reclining to stretching-out and lying down. No wonder it’s our favorite mid-century modern lounge chair.

Recognized as one of the most popular and famous chairs in history, the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman has often been described as feeling like “a well-used baseball mitt.” and that is precisely what the designers, Charles and Ray Eames had in mind when they set out to design a chair that would revolutionize not only the world of furniture design but architecture itself.

Who are Charles and Ray Eames?


Charles and Ray Eames are among the most important mid-century modern American designers of the 20th century. This marriage brought to the world some of the most groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture design, industrial design, and manufacturing, as well as the photographic arts. They designed iconic pieces like the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, the Eames Molded Plywood Chairs, the Eames Walnut Stool, and the Eames Molded Plastic Side chairs, which you have probably seen stacked somewhere. They’re practically everywhere.

How is the Eames Lounge Chair built?


The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are two pieces of iconic furniture that merge soft leather and molded plywood veneers to completely change how we define what it means to lounge. The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman were originally designed with a slight angle and is flexible to the body. The Eames Lounge Chair base should be able to swivel a full 360°.

The Eames Lounge Chair is made of three curved plywood shells for the headrest, backrest, and seat that are attached together and mounted on a swiveling aluminum base. The most common versions of the Eames Lounge Chair are 32.75” wide, 32.75” deep, with a back height of 31.5” and a seat height of 15”. The accompanying ottoman has a width of 26”, depth of 21.5”, and height of 17.25”.

If you can’t afford the thousands of dollars that will cost you an original Eames Lounge Chair, you can always find true high-quality replicas at stores like Manhattan Home Design.

Eames Lounge Chair: Which Leather Type Suits me Best?

Eames Lounge Chair: Which Leather Type Suits me Best?

We’ve been using leather products since the beginning of time. Archaeologists have discovered evidence of leather tanning in ancient societies, such as the Greeks and the Egyptians. When it comes to choosing leather furniture for your home, it is a decision to not be taken lightly.

The original Eames Lounge Chair is made with leather. Nowadays, you might find wool or synthetic cushions variants, but this would be a difficult find, and quite outrageous depending on who you ask.

When you purchase an Eames Lounge Chair, you will find yourself swarmed by terms like “leatherette” or “aniline” leather. What do they mean? What’s the best leather type for the upholstery? Time to find out.

Aniline and Italian Leather

Aniline leather is leather treated with special dyes. The dye preserves the skin’s original marks, shapes, and imperfections. Quality aniline leather can be very stylish and exquisite.

Home design experts usually prefer fading to cracking. The former works as an indicator of taste and authenticity, just like a fine wine.

Aniline leather will maintain a scratch mark but over time, those will blend in with usage markings and add to the all-natural look and feel that differentiates a regular leather recliner from a lifetime work of art.

If you’re still not convinced, there are semi-aniline leathers that still feel natural but are more scratch-resistant

Italian leather is top quality leather in the West. Italians are famous for their natural treatments of animal skin. There are two types of Italian leather: full-grain, and top grain. Both of them are top-notch, but the full-grain leather is a better fit for everyday use. 


This is not real animal leather, it’s a great alternative for vegans and those who don’t feel comfortable with genuine leather. Leatherette is a synthetic variant designed for a variety of uses. 

Leatherette costs half the price of genuine leather, so good news for your bank account. However, it isn’t as breathable as genuine leather, so might be in trouble in the future if you live in a warm place all year long. 

Though leatherette is less durable, it is much easier to clean. Keep in mind, though leatherette is vegan, it isn’t biodegradable.

An Eames Lounge Chair with authentic leather will cost more but it will: 

1. Absorb stains and spills better than leatherette 

2. Fade with age (leatherette will crack with age).

Eames Lounge Chair: Designed for Dogs

It doesn’t take a lot to make dogs happy —a full belly, a place to play, and a warm, cozy place to sleep. For those dogs who were lucky to live with an Eames Lounge Chair owner, they won the lottery. Don’t trust us? Take a look at these adorable dogs chilling in their owner’s Eames Lounge Chairs.


For instance, we believe the legs on this Eames Lounge Chair resemble the legs on this cute and beautiful pooch, don’t you?


The comfortable ottoman of the Eames Lounge Chair is perfect for this family room, and apparently for this dog, too!


We think this little guy ties in nicely with the white faux sheepskin that covers this Eames Lounge Chair. It’s also a great way to protect the leather upholstery!


Do the black and white dog complement the chair or is it the other way around?


When you try to get a comfortable chair for yourself, but your dog claims it. We could write a thousand words about how comfortable the Eames Lounge Chair and this picture will still beat those words, hands down.


How is an Eames Lounge Chair Replica Made?

The Eames Lounge Chairs and Ottoman officially named Eames Lounge (670) and Ottoman (671), were released in 1956 by Charles and Ray Eames. Their design resulted in one of the most iconic and recognized representations of American mid-century modernism. 

Charles and Ray Eames worked closely together while creating the Eames Lounge Chair. They brainstormed and experimented with several common materials, but decided for their all-time favorite: molded plywood. Both designers toiled relentlessly on their designs until they got every last detail right. 

Manhattan Home Design offers a replica of this masterpiece, following all original specifications with the same accuracy and attention to detail. Their process and replicas have been voted the closest to the original, and have shared the behind the scenes of their manufacturing process.

How the Eames Lounge Chair Replicas are Made

Manhattan Home Design’s manufacturing process is almost the same used for the original Eames Lounge Chair. All of their Eames Lounge Chair replicas are mostly made by hand.

The Leather

It all starts with the highest quality leather. Leather pieces are laid out and examined for any imperfections. They are searched for any markings, flaws, scars, bug bites, or defects. 

These flaws are picked up by a computer scanner which then calculates the best way to cut the leather and avoid imperfections. This same computer also cuts the leather, creating all the pattern pieces for the Eames Lounge Chair cushions. 

The Sewing Process

Manhattan Home Design has no automation in this part of the process. They are true believers of hands-on American craftsmanship. Every one of their Eames Lounge Chairs is hand sewn. They start by sewing the arms, the seats, and back pieces. Then the cushions go to the upholsterers to be stuffed with high-density urethane foam.

Buttons are then hand sewn in place using a sturdy twine. Each button is placed in a way that when you put your legs up on ottoman it’s already compliant and adapting to your body. These buttons provide give the Eames Lounge Chair replica their shape, strength and its iconic appeal.

The Woodwork

Manhattan Home Design offers plywood or walnut veneer sheets, depending on your choice. These are fed into a conveyor where a coat of glue is placed on both sides. The plywood sheets are then combined by alternating dry sheets with glued ones. The wood grains are crossed for added strength in this part of the process. The wood grain that you choose gives the Eames Lounge Chair replica a lot of its character. 

When the manufacturing process originally began in 1956, rosewood was the high-end look to get. Since using rosewood from Brazil was discontinued in the early 1990s, Manhattan Home Design uses seven plywood layers covered by environmentally friendly walnut or palisander veneers.

Afterward, the layered veneers go into a press which applies a precise amount of heat and pressure to bend the wood. This process hasn’t changed much since 1956. Then a computerized routing arm cuts out the shapes of the seat, the back, headrest, and the Ottoman base.  

The Shock Mounts

After all the woodwork is done, the circular impressions where the shock mounts will go are sanded. Shock mounts were another clever invention of Charles and Ray Eames. The shock mounts isolate various pieces of the Eames Lounge Chair and allow it to move with your body. This is what helps the Eames Lounge Chair move comfortably with you.

The plywood pieces go through a final sanding and then on to the assembly area. After the assembly team double-checks that everything matches, all the connecting hardware is attached and the Eames Lounge Chair seat undergoes a shock mount test.

The Final Tests

The shock mount for an Eames Lounge Chair replica is probably the most critical aspect of the chair. Manhattan Home Design states this is the process that they spend the most amount of time on. 

After the shock mount test, the wood sheets and leather upholstery are merged. The signature 5 leg base is screwed on and each cushion is carefully nudged into its plywood shell. Then the final hardware is attached.

There’s one final step before each Eames Lounge Chair replica is ready to sell. Every one of Manhattan Home Design’s Eames Lounge Chair replicas receives a final shock mount and rocking test to confirm everything is okay and the shock mounts are doing their job.

It’s no wonder our Eames Lounge Chair replica continues to be one of their best selling pieces. Whether it’s the materials used or the upholstered leather, the Eames Lounge Chair remains an icon of comfort, elegance, and modernism. 
You can order your Manhattan Home Design Eames Lounge Chair replica now, and join this Lounge Chair most exclusive and coveted owners club!

Here are the Best Lounge Chairs for 2020

Here are the Best Lounge Chairs for 2020

We know what you might say. 2020? Already? But buying a great chair, especially one of the mid-century modern classics that we’re about to discuss in this article takes not only time to invest and plan but also careful consideration. We thought you might want to get ahead and discover the best chairs for 2020 without getting in the way of your pumpkin latte, your Halloween preparations and your thanksgiving. 

2020 will definitely bring new arrivals in terms of home furniture, but there’s a reason why these chairs are timeless classics. We’ll stray from our usual content by not mentioning our favorite, the Eames Lounge Chair or even the Womb Chair, those are already best-selling wonders. We’re here to show you other alternatives you might want to try next year.

Hans Wegner Wing Chair


Well, not exactly. This reinterpretation of Hans Wegner’s iconic and elegant Wing chair features a high back and a low seat for an organic recline and lots of space to spread around. You can get it on its striking classic black or a much more playful and engaging white. This chair is pure Italian leather encased in molded fiberglass with a polished steel base. Perfect for offices as well.

Papa Bear Chair


Another hit by Hans Wegner, the Papa Bear Chair has been one of our favorites for some time now and it is easy to see why. On one hand, it is extremely nostalgic and homely. The tight upholstery and dark wood finish make it seem like an old, comfortable throne. However, the lightweight ottoman and modernist design make it tailored and elevated, so it fits well just about anywhere.

Reach Chair


The gorgeous Reach Chair is a must-have for contemporary office spaces, modern living rooms, and stylish bedrooms. It is probably the most elegant set of the five, sporting a very modern finish in black and white vinyl choices. 

The polished steel base comes with non-marking foot glides and the huge ottoman makes can be repurposed as a different seat altogether.

Spiers Lounge Chair & ottoman


Probably the most comfortable and thickly-padded chair of the whole group. The Spiers armchair and ottoman combo is the epitome of Scandinavian furniture and style, which favors coziness and warm colors. Leisure is the keyword here. The ottoman is just as huge and padded as the chair so, for this price, you’re basically getting an elegant second bed for your living room.

The Panton Chair


You might also know this lounge chair as the stacking chair or S Chair. Now, this chair is mostly known by the name of its Danish designer, Verner Panton. Did you know The Panton Chair was the first chair to be manufactured completely out of plastic in a single piece?

Since the introduction of this chair in 1967, four versions of this chair have been produced from four kinds of plastic. This lounge chair was originally made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin painted in a high-gloss lacquer. Today the Panton chair is made from colored polypropylene and sports a matte finish.

So, there you have it. 5 modern and amazing lounge chairs to renovate your house in this upcoming year. Take your time to consider each and let us know if we missed any particular chair on our list. Don’t forget to comment and stay tuned for more articles.