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The Eames Lounge Chair: On Carpet or Wooden Floor?

eames lounge chair replica

Ask any Mid Century Modern (MCM) enthusiast and they’ll tell you that the main piece of furniture you should own is the beautiful and stunning Eames Lounge Chair . But before you go out and try to find an original (good luck by the way), know that you can get an amazing replica so much cheaper from Manhattan Home Design! The home of all things MCM related this site is the only place you need to go for all of your MCM furniture needs.
This chair is no ordinary chair in MCM history. It is the design’s history, with everyone wanting to get their hands on one. Their Eames Lounge Chair Replica  is anything but a reproduction since it’s made using the finest materials and looks exactly like the real thing! Honestly, no one will ever know that it’s a replica, which is why it’s an amazing piece at such an affordable price. If you have to get only one piece of MCM furniture, this timeless and classic chair is what you need!
So now that we’ve settled your mind on getting this stunning Eames Chair, the big debate is whether you should place it on carpet or leave it on your wooden floor? There’s something beautiful about having the wooden chair left on wooden floors, especially if you get the chair in the same wood (choices include Walnut Wood and Palisander Wood). But contrasting wood will also provide an amazing look in any space. So if you want a more natural feel and look to your space, skip the carpet and let it sit in all of its splendor on your gorgeous wooden floors.
But what if you want to put it in your bedroom and there’s only carpet there? For cases when you don’t have wooden floors a white sheepskin rug or cowhide will provide the share with a soft stance and an eye-catching contrast given the Eames Lounge Chair Reproduction’s darker tones.
But honestly, the chair will look fabulous anywhere you place it and on top of any surface because of its grand beauty along. It’s a statement piece that will become the focal point of any room. So regardless if you place it on wood flooring or on carpet, the chair will complement any space, especially if your home is already following MCM design.

Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Manhattan home design reviews

Manhattan Home Design has been making quality furniture available to customers since 2008! And with 10 years of experience in the furniture niche, they’ve racked up a number of positive raves and reviews from adoring customers everywhere. The Manhattan Home Design reviews on their website boast about their excellent customer service, furniture selection, affordable prices and more! The New York furniture store provides the best of Mid Century Modern furniture replicas that look anything like a cheap replica. In fact, many of their pieces look so good, they’ve often been mistaken for the real thing, allowing customers the chance to own furniture pieces they love without having to break the bank for the real thing.

Many of the Manhattan Home Design reviews on their site detail how wonderful the furniture selection is and how the quality is unreal, looking totally like the original. Many compliment the fact that the company provides clients with popular modern styles they would have never thought they’d be able to afford. Their online reviews also detail the quality they provide in each of their products, such as their selection of Classic Lounge Chairs and ottomans, which provide the perfect way to relax in style. Their Noguchi Coffee table that’s beautifully designed and perfect for entertaining guests at home has also gotten amazing online reviews from customers who simply love the stunning piece.

Replicas can get a bad rep, but not according to all the Manhattan Home Design reviews on their site, which have nothing but positive things to say about the vast selection of replica furniture from some of the most notable designers in the Mid Century Modern furniture niche.  Many reviewers love how they can see a piece online and then go into their New York showroom to see it up close and try it out before buying. And many admit that they were skeptical about buying replica furniture, but were totally sold when they saw the piece in person.

So if you’ve been dreaming of a Mid Century Modern furniture piece by a designer you love only to have your heart broken by the fact you can’t actually afford it, just read all of the Manhattan Home Design reviews and heart will rejoice because now you can buy that replica piece that looks just like the real thing!

How to assemble an Eames Lounge Chair Replica ?

It’s fairly simple, I tell you. The task of putting together the Eames Lounge Chair Replica is not as humongous as it sounds.

Below are pictured tutorials of how you can assemble this masterpiece:

1. Make sure the box is facing upwards in the right direction. Follow the arrow marks.

How to assemble an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

2. Once you open the box, you will find the base of the chair, looking like this:

How to assemble an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

3. You will notice that there is a rod in the same box, on the side. Please remove it and place it in the base, as shown in the image.

How to assemble an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

4. Once this is fixed, as shown in the figure, you will now have to place this piece in the base of the chair.

How to assemble an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

5. Once you’re through with the fixing of the base, please pull out the seat from the box.

How to assemble an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

6. Pull out all the contents of the box. You will find in it: a seat, backrest, arm rests and hinges to put it all in place.

How to assemble an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

7. Now,place the seat and the base of the Eames Lounge Chair Replica at a height that is reachable to you, enabling you to fix the rest of the chair.

How to assemble an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

8. Place the backrest in the grooves provided at the side of the chair.

How to assemble an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

9. Using the equipment given with the box, tighten the bolts of the backrest to the base of the chair.

How to assemble an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

10. Finally, you can finish fixing this chair by placing the arm rests on the side and fastening the hinges.

How to assemble an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

Best Places to Buy the Eames Lounge Chair Replica

  1. Manhattan Home Design
  2. Houzz
  3. Ebay
  4. Barcelona Designs
  5. Amazon

The Best Eames Lounge Chair Replica Comparision

I’ve bought almost all (8) Eames Lounge Replicas on the markets from both US/Canada suppliers. After reviewing them all for the past 7 months, I’ve come up with a comprehensive comparison between them. All the companies that sell their chairs below $900 are cheap junk, so I haven’t listen them all. The ones above are the big players who know a thing or two about Eames’s Design.

Hope you like it.
Disclaimer – I have not been paid my any company. The views expressed here are totally mine and unbiased.

Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Manhattan Home Design is known for its mid-century reproductions, though this company also sells gluts of other furniture including the reselling of Zuo, Ashley, Modway and other modern furniture brands. I went on the site and unsurprisingly, the Eames lounge chair replica had the spotlight, having being mentioned loads of times on the home page.  They have a showroom in the Times Square region in NYC. My friend also bought an Eames lounge chair from MHD roughly two years ago, so I knew I had to scour this site and speak to the company about the Eames lounge chair in my search for the best replica. Here are my observations on the company and chair:

Manhattan home designs reviewss

Loaded Mid-century Site

In a way, Manhattan Home Design uses a typical hyper-marketing setup on its website. The homepage is a lot to process, with deals jumping out at you in the sliders, rows and rows of furniture pictures with links, “Buy now! Bow now!” soliciting you to make a purchase, mentions of awards, design inspiration pages, blogs and more tabs then most furniture sites have. This content just scratches the surface; there’s more on this page. This company pretty much shoves all of its positive traits down the viewer’s throat, or in this case, their eyes.  There’s even a letter from President Obama showcased with the presidential seal and all.  It emanates the air of “hey! Look at me!” solicitous and overwhelming.

On the other hand, this excess can be a good thing, since the homepage is the first impression you get of an e-commerce company. The homepage includes two ways to order free swatches, which helps for people that don’t have a good eye. It also shows that this company is legit, with its establishment in 2008 and having served 60,000+ customer. It may be the classic accentuating the positives, but at least this company is open about its history. It doesn’t shy away from informing potential customers of the kind of Eames lounge chair replica they carry, which they state is a Vitra in bold typeface.

Only Three Swatches Allowed…When Requested on the Site

Manhattan Home Design offers a long palette of swatches to choose form, and not just for the Eames lounge chair replica. I was at first excited to get a bunch of these freebies but was disappointed to learn that they only allow three per person. I was also a bit turned off to learn they only have two options of wooden veneers: Palisander and walnut. But then again, most companies have very few veneer options. This brings me to the chat I had with an MHD representative. I sought out to get all the info on their Eames lounge chair but in the midst of my conversation, the topic turned to swatches. The representative was super accommodating to my lust for more swatches. She told me that three is the maximum number of swatches allowable when requested via the site, since the interface has three drop downs for swatches. However, when you call or request it via the chat, they don’t really set a limit of how many swatches are allowed per customer. This is within reason of course, but I was very happy that she let me order 5 free swatches.

Cutting-Edge Eames Chair Replica

What I like about MHD is that the product page of the Eames lounge replica is rife with information about their Eames lounge chair and the Eames lounge chair in general. The page will tell you all you need to know about the MHD replica, with the tiniest details on display. There are also blog posts that focus solely on the Eames chair replica. I thought I would mine some facts about their particular replica but ended up learning so much more. There was a lot of trivia but for an Eames lounge chair enthusiast like myself, it was brain candy. On the chat I asked the representative the same information that was already on the page and she confirmed to me these qualities:

  • The wood is Brazilian, no wax, uses Italian lacquer for longevity
  • Memory foam all over the interior
  • Industrial Velcro and zippers, no clips
  • Silicone shock mounts are stronger than rubber, provide movement and tilt of the back
  • 7-layer wooden shell, topped with a veneer
  • Hand-stitched cushions, no clips or glue
  • Interchangeable seat and ottoman cushions
  • Eco-friendly reinforced and hardened shell
  • “Breathable” back made from small holes to prevent mold

There are more cool features listed on the site. All this information is very re-assuring that you are getting an Eames Lounge chair replica that’s close to the original chair, if not exact. It also tells you the strength and durability of it.

Country of Origin:

The chat with the rep confirmed that the leathers are from Italy and the woods are from Brazil.  They also source American and Canadian-made wood companies. The metals of the base are from Asia, which like I’ve mentioned on other reviews, is marketing-speak for China. However, the rep told me they get these from Taiwan too. I don’t mind the fact that these small pieces are sourced from Asia, because the major pieces originate in Europe and Brazil. The rep told me that the chair is assembled and shipped out of their New Jersey warehouse. I went as far as asking for the location of the warehouse, which I was denied, understandably. It doesn’t surprise me that the metal is from China or Taiwan, as I don’t think replica companies would go above and beyond to avoid getting something from China, it being a mainstay and all. But I would love a company to surprise me.

Sketchy Customer Service Record:

From the reviews I’ve read online, the biggest drawback to buying something from Manhattan Home Design seems to stem from the issue of customer service. I see that on the website, the only phone number listed is for sales. You can’t blame sales reps for not being to assist with a customer service issue. I think the reason there’s been much unrest over this issue is because it is a misunderstanding. I spoke to my friend who had purchased an Eames lounge chair replica from MHD about this issue. I was mostly interested in knowing how someone would go about if they purchased a defective item or needed further help. My friend said that MHD handles customer service inquires over the phone only. This is a major problem for me, as I am much more comfortable with conversing with a human, instead of a computer, or having to write and wait.

On the other hand, I applaud Manhattan Home Design for being upfront about this. Their website clearly mentions that the phone is for sales only. That’s not exactly a concealed way to say their phone line does not address customer service. Most other companies do have a customer service hotline, problem is, no one answers it, or whoever answers it performs in a shoddy way, with false promises of callbacks. (See Rove) The idea that this company has poor customer service is counteracted by their homepage, once again. They’ve been in business for 8 years with over 60,000 customers, as the homepage reminds me. The tainted reviews are overshadowed by the vast throngs of happy customers.

I decided to check out the sales line so I called and spoke with a very well-informed rep named “Michelle.” She explained everything to me, including confirming facts about the Eames lounge chair replica which are aforementioned, the return policies and everything in between. She was also very polite about the customer service situation, telling me that she would love to help me should I encounter any issues, but the ideal thing would be to have my complaint in writing.

The Verdict:

Manhattan Home Design has a spotty record of customer service but an outstanding Eames lounge chair replica. Their site is replete with info, infographics, photos, reviews, interior designer blogs and more, which shows how much dedication the company has to their products. To me, the quality and durability of the Eames lounge chair is the priority, so I am unbothered by the negative reviews I found online. Every company has negative reviews, but MHD is clearly able to withstand the test of time as it is still operating with the same products since 2008. A lot of MCM companies I searched for online are switching their stock to modern furniture instead of midcentury replicas, as they are losing business on these items. The only logical explanation is that they sell poor or lackluster reproductions. (This is primarily why I am not reviewing IFN Furniture, as a rep told me they are changing their entire brand from MCM replicas to modern furniture.)

The verdict is: Manhattan Home Design’s Eames lounge replica is worth it. The amazing features of the chair, the proximity to the original Vitra in design, the engaging website and the near 10-year span in business signifies that it’s worth buying from this company. When the positive outweighs the negative, sometimes, you’ve just got to overlook the negative.

My friend who owns the MHD lounge chair had a rather firm chair which has softened up over its two-year run. It’s still going strong.